T & P - Delightful Dutch


Toots & Pieke is the organic handformed collection made in the Noot & Zo Studio - Here some pretty pictures of what is coming :)


Toots & Pieke is an organische handformed collection made by the studio Noot & Zo - This collection is called "Delightful dutch"

A little bit inspired by the colors of the dutch Keulse pot.
The grey background of the stoneware clay with the blue decoration...

Here is the Toots & Pieke style ;)


toots__pieke_delightful_dutsc   blue_and_white_tableware


The base of this line is made from a recycled and reclaimed grey stoneware clay, with a decoration with our magic craquele in the color combination of white and blue.
This collection is organicly shaped by hand and all are different but the same ;)



organic_tableware    organisch_servies_handgemaakt




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