Workshop - Scallop bowl - Handbuild - saturday 6 juli 2019 15:30-18:00

Workshop - Scallop bowl - Handbuild - saturday 6 juli 2019 15:30-18:00

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There they are again - those fun workshops !!

Experienced in a playful way how clay feels and how fun it is in this workshop, we do that through hand shapes.
The scallop dish! - A very nice beautiful & accessible technique with a great end result.
This is the time to get acquainted with this centuries-old craft that has endured all times
and will do this for a long time in all sorts of ways around the world.

After a warm welcome, a quick chat we start with a number of accessories and a clear explanation about these scallop dishes/bowls.
You choose a scallop shape you want to build with, this can be round, oval, square, hexagon, stripes and then also large or small.
Then we go to work scallop by scallop, part by part and in no time the creations comes to life.
And we have already seen a lot, very nice and beautiful.

In this workshop there is a medium size (see photos) and a smaller size, if you get the taste and you want to make more
that is possible , we will then charge an amount per creation which must be paid in cash on the same day.

Your creations must then dry, undergo biscuit firing (980 degrees C) - then we will apply the glaze that you have selected
and then the scallop bowls (shell trays) are baked again at 1260 degrees C.
There is a choice of at least 3 glazes ready and examples of which to choose your favorite.
This entire process can take 2 - 4 weeks.

This workshop is accessible to anyone who really wants to get acquainted with ceramics & handbuilding.
It is a join-in workshop and this means that you can go individually, with your girlfriend, boyfriend, dad, ma or with a small group
sit down as long as there is room ...
Max 12 people
As a group (minimum of 8 people) you can contact us to reserve your own day.
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