Recycled Noot medium spoons - set of 2.

Recycled Noot medium spoons - set of 2.

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Recycled Noot medium Spoons.
In combination with porcelain (scoops).

This listing is for a set of two medium sized spoons - in combination with porcelain.  The shaft of the spoons have a texture that is subtle acentuated with white underglaze. A unique ceramic spoon set!

Recycled noot is a tableware line that is made totally out of recycled and reclaimed materials from our workshop. The stoneware clays and glazes. And the pure look and feel is very important in this pottery collection. Pure clay without bling bling.

NOTE: The pictures represent the colors in the best way i can! But please hold in mind that every computer monitor shows colors different.
Size spoons:


Length: ± 14cm. {5 1/2"}

All unglazed parts of the items from this line are polished after the last fire for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic
items in the shop are food, microwave and dishwasher safe. But of the thin design handwash of the spoons is highly reconmended.
This tableware collection line is totally handmade and hand formed and thrown, glazed by hand etc.
- so it is important to know tiny variations in size & glaze can occur.
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