Rock ristretto cups no ears - Plover egg set of 4.

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The "Rock" ristretto cups
A wonderful and basic shape that loves to be hold by your hands for that little delightful sip of strong cafe...
The "Rock" collection is made in honour of the beauty of pure stoneware clays that are available or that we home mix. More is less ;)
Also an importantwith this design is respect for the material used and use it wisely and recycle and ofcource the trade it is made with.
This is a listing of 4 ristretto cups in the "Rock" style:
Plover egg - A lovely creamy stoneware clay body with medium fine specks.

On the pictures the colors are as realistic as we can show you, but be noticed that all computer monitors show colors different!

Sizes cup: 
Holds: 60ml. {2.3 Fl. Oz.} 
Hight: approx. 5,5cm. {2 1/10"} 
Diameter: approx. 5,5cm. {2 1/10"} 

All unglazed parts of these items from this line are polished after the last fire 
for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic items in the shop are 
food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
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