Espresso kopjes without ear - set of 4 - Spring

Espresso kopjes without ear - set of 4 - Spring

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Oh la la..... 

A nice suprise for the espresso lovers. 
Lovely cups without an ear to sip from a delightful espress 
A modern basic and they fit right in your hand. 

Stone stands for the chosen stoneware claybody used to create this cup. 
Color stands for the glaze that is used to give the cup a bit more color. 
This is a set of 4 espresso cups without ear.

These cups are made of my home mixed cool grey stoneware clay and 
glazed with playful colors. Glazed inside and rim. 

Colors used in this set:
- Soft yellow(1x)
- Cream (1x)
- Orange (1x)
- Pastel mint (1x)

Sizes cup: 
Holds: 75ml. {2.7 Fl. Oz.} 
Hight: approx. 6cm. {2 1/3"} 
Diameter: approx. 6cm. {2 1/3"} 

All items from this line are polished after the last fire 
for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic items in the shop are 
food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
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