Cafe cup and saucer in grey and white glaze.

Cafe cup and saucer in grey and white glaze.


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From our Stone & Color collection.

A handthrown pottery cafe cup and saucer.

The design of this collection is modern,subtle and basic in round shapes.

Stands for the chosen stoneware claybody used to create these cups.
This cafe cup and saucer are made of our home mixed cool grey stoneware.
Stands for the glaze that is used to give the cup a bit more color.
This  cup and saucer are glazed with an semi opaque white gloss glaze on the inside.
And left unglazed on the outside. 
Sizes cup:
Holds: 210ml. {7.1 Fl. Oz.}
Hight: approx. 8cm. {3 1/10"}
Diameter: approx. 8cm. {3 1/10"}
Diameter saucer: 5 7/10" {14,5cm.}
All items from this line are polished after the last fire for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic
items in the shop are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
This tableware collection line is totally handmade and hand thrown, glazed by hand etc.
- so it is important to know tiny variations in size & glaze can occur.

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