Cartoonies cups small in white and turquoise.

Cartoonies cups small in white and turquoise.

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Cartoonies… in thin slipcasted porcelain....this listing is for 2 cups.

An unique cup without an ear made of high fired off white porcelain. The origional cup comes from a festival and was made of plastic, filled with wine all the time :)). And a mold was made…

With an ceramic etch technic the shape and lines are accentuated on the outside of the cup. And the rim in this set of cups is decorated with turquoise blue underglaze. This decoration is made free out of hand and has a organic look… also the cup, because of the high temperatures and thinly casted they have playful differences…

The cup is dishwasher safe – BUT due to the thin porcelain handwash is highly reconmended!!
– in the past years we have the experience to know they are strong!!

Size cup:
Holds: approx. 100ml (3,4 Fl. Oz.)
Hight: ± 7cm. {2 3/4″}
Diameter: ± 6cm. {almost 2 1/3″} –

Very sweet as an eyecatcher on your espresso machine or using it for that unique drink you love to drink. For cold and hot beverages.

These cups will be arriving in a little box – and is also ideal as a sweet and funky gift….



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