Contrast cup in Tangerine tango with dark mint - set of 2.

Contrast cup in Tangerine tango with dark mint - set of 2.

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What the funk!!

These are very funky cups in a lovely size - this listing is for a set of two cups!!

They are made of slipcasted porcelain with contrasting colors in the reliefs.

This cup -"Tangerine tango" porcelain and decorated with turqiouse blue - glazed inside and unglazed on the outside.

They have a asymertical rim that is a bit higher one one side...

The cups are dishwasher safe - and are slicasted a bit thicker that our other porcelain collections.

On the pictures (took in daylight) the colors are shown well but please
take notice that every computer screen shows color slightly different.


Inhoud kopje: ± 190ml. {6,4 Fl. Oz}
Hoogte: ± 8,5-9,5cm. {almost 3 1/3 - 3 1/4"}
Diameter: ± 8cm. {almost 3 2/10"}

Suitable for all kind of bevarages The high fired porcelain is dishwasher and
microwave safe and in the past years we have the experiance to know they are strong!!

The cup will be arriving in a little box - and is also ideal as a funky little gift....

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