Dragon clouds in corn flower blue gloss porcelain.

Dragon clouds in corn flower blue gloss porcelain.

44.90 / pair(s)

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This design porcelain earrings we are making them sinds 2006 and they disapeared online.

But finally with lots of pleasure we change that! :)

Dragon clouds can be found in chinese art with dragons in woodworks, ceramics and paintings. A lovely oriental inspired and a little bit bigger porcelain earring from our collection.

For the ladies who love it a big bigger in there ears - these are not heavy.

This pair is made of high fired porcelain that is glazed with a smooth gloss transparant cornflower blue, that gives the relief an extra demension.

Porcelain dragon clouds: 3cm.x2cm. {1 2/10"x8/10"}
This pair of discs is placed on small sterling silver earwires.
Length from ear: 3,5cm. {1 4/10"}
All of the jewelry will arrive in a lovely jewelry box.
Very nice to receive and even better to send them as a gift!
* Wheels = The porcelain has a hole in the middle - just like real wheels.
* Discs = The porcelain has a hole on the top - like pierced discs.
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