Swirly - earrings porcelain in white and coral red - gloss

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A sweet, tiny and subtle porcelain earring design.

These are one of the smallest i make at the moment.

The name says it all - they are inspired by swirly designs. A little bit of popart in your ears.

This pair is made of high fired porcelain that is decorated with coral red (also known as tangerine tango by pantone) underglaze and glazed for a glossy finish...

Diameter porcelain bubble wheel*: 13mm. { 1/2"}
This pair is placed on small sterling silver earwires.
Length from ear: 2cm. {8/10"} 
All of the jewelry will arrive in a lovely jewelry box. 
Very nice to receive and even better to send them as a gift!
* Wheels = The porcelain has a hole in the middle - just like real wheels.
* Discs = The porcelain has a hole on the top - like pierced discs.
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