Toots & Pieke - Delightful Dutch - 2 cafe cups - sample set.

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Toots & Pieke is the organic style of ceramics made in Studio "Noot & Zo" - a lot of throwing is happening here but also this style :)
A lovely to make collection all by hand, a joy to make and already great reactions from our fans.
Here a set of cafe cups in the "Delightful Dutch" color sheme.
The colors are inspired by the famous dutch Keulse pot, these pots have a grey background with cobalt blue decorations on them.
We have chosen a grey speckled (reclaimed and recycled) stoneware claybody with our magic craquele decoration in white and pruisian blue.
In this set 1 cups is decorated only inside with the magic crackle and the other also on the outside rim.
Both have a transparant glaze inside and on the outside rim.
Sizes cup:
the cups hold: ± {7,5 Fl. Oz} - 200ml.
High approx.: 7cm. {2 3/4"}
Diameter: ± 7,5cm. {almost 3"}
The cups have a friendly wobble, this is the design and they won't fall over or tobble :)
All items from this line are polished after the last fire for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic
items in the shop are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
This tableware collection line is totally handmade and hand thrown, glazed by hand etc.
- so it is important to know tiny variations in size & glaze can occur.
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