Vase - Kalabas recycled stoneware with cream..

Vase - Kalabas recycled stoneware with cream..

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Here a lovely warm colored vase from our "Calabas" collection.
This little vase is hand thrown of our recycled and reclaimed stoneware clay.
And glazed with a warm cream glaze. Inside and dipt in the glaze on the outside for a playful but subtle effect.
Height: 5 1/10" {13 cm.}
Diameter belly: 3" {7,5cm.}
Diameter opening for the flowers: 4/10" {1cm.} (approx. 1 Flower).
This vase will be wrapped in a lovely way - especially for a gift to celabrate that spring is coming :) and save to be shipped.
The beautiful little blossom branch comes from (dutch site)
Recycled!! - Huh??
Yes as ceramic artist we have a buch of materials to reclaim and recycle like clay after trimming, glaze from our glaze cabin, when we clean our workspace, etc.
All of this we keep together in buckets and when one is full we put the blubber on plaster, let it dry for a while and make clay from it!!
This brings a style of it's own into this line of work, a roughness, organic, natural and sometimes some organic matter will be fired with it.
You see this in the last picture of this sweet littel bud vase. More about this proces will be shown soon!!
Recycle & Upcycle......we love it and mother nature too :)

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