Small dishes in Rock | Sandstone | set of 2.

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Small dishes.... who doesn't love those sweeties.

Here is a small dish set, a not to miss item in your tableware collection. To serve some lovely condiments or sauces.
Peanuts or dried fruits when you watch a romatic movie or even as jewelry dishes on your nightstand.
With help of the drop down menu you can choose the products seperately or as a set.

It is a natural looking and feeling collection of pottery designs in basic and simple shapes, that have that modern organic style.

And shows the handmade quality troughout.
The "Rock" collection is made in honour of the beauty of pure stoneware clays that are available or that we home mix. More is less ;)
Also an important with this design is respect for the material used and use it wisely and recycle and ofcource the trade it is made with.
Kind of claybody:
Sandstone - A clay body that has been around for a while but not a really famous one, think it has a difficult color maybe but in this collection i love it!
A stoneware body with fine grog - under the transparant glaze the clay stays the same (this is not with all glazed parts with some claybodies it changes).
And sometimes a darker orangy burnt tone at the rims.
This is a listing is for the set of two dishes!!

All unglazed parts of these items from this line are polished after the last fire 
for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic items in the shop are 
food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
Sizes small dish {1}:
Hight: approx. 4cm. {1 6/10"}
Diameter: approx. 9,5cm. { 3 3/4"}
Sizes medium dish {2}:
Hight: approx. 4,7cm. {1 8/10"}
Diameter: approx. 10,5 {little over 4"}
All items from this line are polished after the last fire for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic
items in the shop are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
This tableware collection line is totally handmade and hand thrown, glazed by hand etc.
- so it is important to know tiny variations in size & glaze can occur.
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