Short ceramic courses online.




Aka "Clay Advetures"  :)

Ohh yes we stretch our teaching in these strange times to online courses and workshops and reinventourselves with a lot of new stuff to teach online.

The past weeks we have - because our workshops and courses are currently not allowed in our studio
- made a lot of film and photo material and already gave live "Zoom" lessons in ceramics. And we will continue with this :)


What is a Clay Adventure?
This is a short online course of 3/5 lessons where in a hands on demo is given by 1 our teachers. These topics can be with throwing ,handbuilding or an other technic in ceramics like decoratin, how to make clayslibs,etc.
Of each 1.5 hours (with a question round at the end).
This course contains a topic or theme and the demos contain a topic that fits in here every week.
We have developed them for beginners, intermediate and experienced ceramicists and this is mentioned per "Clay Adventure".
In the description you will also find the program, what you need and what you can possibly purchase from us to enjoy participating.

These "Clay Adventures" are recorded and can therefore also be viewed via our online channels for a specific period of maximum 3 months.