Short Course Playfully Porcelain - thursday evening 19:30-22:00 - 4 sessions

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How nice !!
You are going to register for our short porcelain course ....

Dates: Thursday evening 4, 11, 18 & 25 March 2021
Time: from 19:30 to 22:00

For our current student:
The course of 4 lessons costs 150, - incl. 5 kg of porcelain and use of our tools and workshop.
Excl. Baking the workpieces.
For Old student and New at Noot & Zo 175, -

Baking price example: 8hx10b in cm. Bake costs € 2, - you can have 1 or 20 pieces of work baked, so you can control the costs yourself :)
If you are short of porcelain, you can purchase it from us per kilo for € 2.50 (this can be done on the spot)

What do we do:
We will discover porcelain in an informal, pleasant and playful way.
We will certainly also deal with technical aspects and discuss a little more about the matter of porcelain. And also embrace and make use of the smooth movement of the porcelain.

What are we not going to do:
Still important to mention ...
We are not going to cast with porcelain and we are not going to make jewelry from porcelain!
In the future these will also be offered as workshops, but this is pure turning and hand shaping.

1st and 2nd lesson we will mainly throw and handbuild and some fun porcelain techniques.
3rd week we will finish and fine tune and prepare for the 1st bin, and treat some cool decoration ways :)
In the 4th week we will treat the glazing of porcelain and apply it to the finished workpieces.

What should you have already mastered:

The basics of centering are nice (eg fist-sized bumps) is easy because we want to pay attention to the porcelain in the lessons and not to the basic techniques of centering.
Are you a student with us and do you doubt whether it is something for you.

For the rest, we personally find the prints of the fingers and the flow very beautiful in the porcelain objects….
These lessons are a wonderful and low-threshold moment to discover whether the material is something for you.

The pieces are fired after the 4th lesson and can be picked up.

After purchasing this course you will receive a somewhat more detailed information email about a week in advance.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

There is a turntable for each student, but there is also room to hand-shape by means of modeling, building with roles, creating with
leather-hard paste and other ceramic techniques are discussed in hand-forming. Clay is a wonderful and enjoyable medium to express yourself visually
or to enjoy your homemade crockery after making it.
This porcelain course is also suitable for both beginners (but I recommend it after 1 or 2 courses) and advanced.
Pleasure is our top priority, but also the development of technical skills.
If you have any questions, you can ask them via our contact form.
If you are new to us, an extensive email with all the necessary information will follow shortly.

P.s. Cancellation conditions !!!!! - Read this carefully.
The course can be canceled free of charge until February 4, 2021.

Cancellation after February 4 and until February 14, 2021:
We will keep half of the paid course money and return the other half to the account number known to us.

Cancellation after Monday February 14, 2021:
We will not return any course money and therefore we do not issue coupons or vouchers.
You can nominate another student yourself and he or she can take your course place.
If there are serious reasons, they can be discussed ... and we try to find a solution for both parties.
Please - do this really on time so that we also have a chance to find this solution !!!! - very important to us.
If you have health problems, it is wise to report this to us immediately, if you do not do this and there is an incident where
this is not our responsibility, because you should have mentioned this to us.
If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please let us know ...

Due to COVID-19 (or other situation or viruses), data, information, rules and measures may have to be adjusted - we also follow the RIVM measures by ...
If you want to know what these are, you can contact us. Probably wearing a Face mask is mandatory!
Noot & Zo reserves the right to take any precautions that will be communicated in advance.
This is to increase your and our safety at all times. These can also be measures that are not prescribed by an advisory body.

Through things from the past, you learn for the present!

Greetings, Suus & Ralph
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