NOTE - Important - Let op!!

The October November season can only be purchased by our "Current Students"

As from Monday September 11 - everybody - who wants to join can purchase our courses!!

Changes in our course schedule.

Our dear monday afternoon 12:45 - 18:45 will disapear. For the past few months we kept it going for a handfull very loyal students, but again it is a strange afternoon to get filled, especially with handbuilding... We are looking into to get a tuesday afternoon going. Every 2 weeks a Open Studio course, so no lessons and the other every 2 weeks some special technic lessons.

Yes Yes!!

On this page - Our Current student - can find our courses for October 2022. Are you NOT a current student and want to be updated when the course spots will be available for you, please fill in the FORM for our waiting list...

Because of the uncertain times and we do not know how it all will go this autumn and winter, you have to fill in the special condition form to join our courses in October 2022 - {See link below}