Hello and welcome on our Olympic 2024 page…

We are happily collaborating with some lovely neighbours, in the Picardische villages: Heucourt, Frettecuisse en Saint Maulvis.

And Yes we are renting out our accommodation during 8 days in the Olympic 2024 period - (August 3-11).

You can rent the - room in the house,

- the retro folding caravan,

- Caravan Nr.1,

- Caravan Nr.2

- our dormitory

- tent spot.

The prices will be inclusive breakfast and linnen. The minimal renting period is 2 days.

Distance to Paris is about a 2 hour drive.

More about the activities that will be available soon!

Like watching Olympic games on screen, join in a great of petanque. Joining us in a workshop of ceramics and get acquainted with the lovely craft of pottery and clay.

So more information soon.

A bientôt, greets Susanne + Ralph

If you are interested to rent one of the above mentioned accommodations, please use the link below to make a reservation. We will get back to you within 24 hourse :)

August 3 -11 - Olympic week - Accomodations