A lovely craft that takes time to learn, you need to put in the hours. But when you do oh boy what a joy. The clay moves trough your fingers. One of my teachers (Tineke van Gils somewere in 2000) told me throwing is like dancing - First the clay will be the leader in the dance, but than you will take over that lead and dance to gether with the clay, were you want it to go it will...

So many ways to throw

Were ever you go and learn, learn!! - Clay is all over the world and that is such a wonderful gift, for poor and for rich - for old and for young - for patient and for hurried people - for making needed vessels and for decorating your home and living space & we could go on and on. Put 10 teachers on a row and they all will do it different and that is the big many ways to rome they say :)

What do we offer on throwing in 2023

Below you will find the holidays we offer in 2023 for throwing. Details you will find on the page/holiday you choose and on that page you will read what we are offering and the accomodation available.

Throwing & Handbuilding - Draaien & Handvormen