For this week you do need experience if you want to throw...

You need to have the basic skills of throwing for the Neriage & Agate technic.

This do not means that you must be a very advanced potter, just knowing how to wedge the clay, centre and pull up the clay in a confident way are important and then we can get playing with the different colors of clay and get that marble going on the wheel created ceramics. We will try different stoneware clay bodies and play with different marble technics on the wheel and discover these lovely technics.

For handbuilding you don't need experience with clay, but be a bit handy :)

You need to like clay and patterns with this intriging and beautiful technic called "Nerikomi".

Nerikomi is a contemporary Japanese term. Marbling ceramic techniques were used in Egypt and China and through the Romans to the West. Early ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent use more than one colour of clay for decorative effect. In England this was referred to as agateware. {source:wikipedia}

The Nerikomi, Neriage & Agate lessons will be in the mornings after breakfast 9:30 - 13:00. Lunch is between 13:00 - 14:00. After lunch there is also plenty of time to go back to the workshop studio!

These accommodations can be booked here right away online:

- Tent spots 4 - (4-10 personen totaal) - (free of charge)

SOLD OUT - Caravan - for now a booking for 1 or 2 persons - €150,00 per caravan.

SOLD OUT - Room in the main house - (1-2 personen). (€300,00 - 1 or €360,00 for 2 persons)

- Grand paradiso - Fold up caravan. Example check it here :) 120,00-150,00 1-2 persons.

These accomodations can be booked after a consultation

- Dormitory (slaapzaal) in the main house - (2-5 personen). (€300,00 - for the space)

- Chambre D'Hote - nearby village - An 8 minute drive by car or a 22 minutes bicycle ride to our studio home.

Please contact us for these bookings!

Booking a spot:

Scroll below to make your booking for this week, you can choose your accomodation of choice and you can book as an individual or book for more persons.

Nerikomi dish in line pattern made in our ceramic creative week in france


nesting bowl set in Nerikomi technic


nerikomi workshop in france september 2023


In this week we arrange a choice of 4/8 different stoneware clays and our special marble suprise clay for you to experiment and learn the technics with. For the throwers an handbuilders. Above you see 3 pictures of Nerikomi dishes, how to make these after you created your delicate "Nerikomi" slab will also be explaned in this lovely creative ceramic week in France.

Below you see 3 pictures of how "Nerikomi & Neriage" is getting created.....and ohhhhh what a possibilities!! :)

This creative "Nerikomi, Neriage & Agate" holiday is a bit more expensive because of all the clay we have to prep and the special technics you will learn in these few days - Kind of a MasterClass :)

neriage technic workshop
nerikomi cursus in frankrijk nootenzo
nerikomi kopjes maken in frankrijk
colored porcelain neriage style
nerikomi neriage dishes workshop

Nerikomi, Neriage + Agate (September 5 - 11) 2023