Handbuild - Ceramic course - friday evening 18:45-22:15 November 2021

€ 262,50
(6 dag(en) = € 262,50)
incl. btw, excl. levering
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Handbuild ceramic course 6x3,5hours Start  october 29  2021 Wearing a facemask ican be required! Handbuild ceramic course 6x3,5hours Start october 29  2021 Wearing a facemask ican be required! - we know 1 week before we start.

How nice !! - you want to participate in our handbuild course that will start on friday at 6:45  - 10:15PM
This is an official registration / purchase of our short ceramics course (6x 3,5 hours)

Here the timetable of this block:  lesson 1:     29 october lesson 2:     5 november lesson 3:     12 november  lesson 4:     19 november  lesson 5:    26 november  lesson 6:     3 december  

We work as a duo so there are 2 teachers active for each lesson (with an exception!)
The course price includes all materials such as clay, glazes and use of tools and of course tea and coffee.
You can bake your workpieces for an amount that is determined by the size and size of your workpieces.
We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you can move around in, shoes that can get dirty, an apron and a towel.

This course consists of 6 lessons of 3,5 hours and is paid per course.
So we currently offer a shortened course. This is to reduce the financial risks in these uncertain times.
Or, in case of stricter rules, to be able to move this short block up.
We do have to protect ourselves in these vulnerable and uncertain times and therefore have temporarily different (corona) conditions.
You can only take part to this short course, after agreeing to these new terms.

If you do not agree with these conditions or if you do not fill them in, your participation in our course will expire and the place will go to another person.
So read these conditions very carefully!   The course:
Suus Notenboom & Ralph Swart teach you the different effects of the material clay on the basis of the first basic assignments.
We offer many beautiful and useful techniques, tools, possibilities and sources of inspiration.
Once you have mastered these a bit, more and more attention is paid to your personal design language and the finishing of your workpieces by means of
of the many different ceramic techniques that are available in our workshop.
In addition, this course teaches you to work with a theme and to develop your personal style.
There are 7 throwing workplaces with electric wheel available for this course, and 7 handbuild spots. The studio is designed to comply with the corona measures.
Workplaces are at least 1.5 meters away.   Clay is a wonderful and enjoyable medium to express yourself visually or to enjoy your own crockery and ceramic arts after making it.

Having fun in this is of paramount importance, but also the development of technical skills.
As teachers, we have been able to experience with great pleasure that we also learn a lot from the students, because sometimes you encounter a technical problem
or ask where you just need to get out of your comfort zone to find an answer ... so lovely to learn :)

Decoration technic that will be taeched this semester: Bark texture - foto: Ruth Anne's blog: Sodium Silicate (ruthannesblog1.blogspot.com)

If you have any questions, you can ask them via our contact form.
If necessary and if you are new to us, an extensive email will follow with all the necessary information, we request that you read it carefully and carefully ....
Greetings, Ralph & Suus :)

IMPORTANT: Read everything carefully again !!   P.s. Cancellation conditions !!!!! - Read this carefully. The course can be cancelled free of charge before september 25 2021  

Cancellation after september 25 , 2021:
We will keep half of the paid course money and return the other half to the account number known to us.

Cancellation after october 5, 2021
We will not return any course money.
You can nominate another student/friend/family/person yourself and they can take your course place.

You are obliged (if you want to participate) to fill in the new corona conditions form - without filling it you cannot particpate, with all answers YES if you would like to participate.
With this you agree to bear a large part of your own risk and that it is very clear that we do NOT give vouchers, or money back   At the moment we do not give courses of 10 but of 6 lessons of 3,5 hours.
So that the financial risk for everyone is reduced. For you and for us .... If due to any reason you can't participate You can try, to nominate another participant / course participant (well in time) who can take your course place. (This is only for the total course of six lessons)   If you have health problems, it is wise to report this to us immediately, if you do not do this and there is an incident where there are
This is not our responsibility, because you should have mentioned this to us.
If you are pregnant or about to become pregnant, please let us know ...

I.v.m. COVID-19 (or other situation or viruses) data, information, rules and measures may have to be adjusted, we are also monitoring the RIVM measures. Such as Wearing a Face Mask. This is mandatory! We will decide a week before the course or activity starts is we need to wear them or not!

Noot & Zo reserves the right to take any precautions that will be communicated in advance.
This is to increase your and our safety at all times. These can also be measures that are not prescribed by an advisory body.

If you miss one of the lessons due to a good reason and have to cancel this one lesson. you can catch up one lesson (in the term of the course), but only strickt under our terms and conditions and if we have the possibility to offer you this.

Should you, for whatever reason, have to cancel / cancel one of the six lessons within 14 days before we start, these costs are entirely for you 

Through things from the past, you learn for the present!

Greetings, Suus & Ralph