Throwing (week 24) - Advanced experience - with tent.

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The first of many more to come - A holiday week with lots of ceramics, good food and fun!!

This week is for the advanced thrower.

A week for the advanced thrower. So your hobby is getting serieus or you just like to spend more than 5/7 hours a week behind the wheel and you are doing so for a few years!! - This is a week for you. Do you want to learn or going in to depth more about a certain throwing technic like plates, bowls, making series, connecting parts, having trouble and can't get further - a fresh eye and technic can get you a long way. Getting new formes in your pottery system and broaden your ceramic horizon, learn to play if you are holding on to much on perfection, altering thrown shapes, etc. We teach very individual so every student can tell there wishes and we will do our best to reach those wishes.... You can tell your wish in the message when you buy this advanced throwing week.

The lessons:

In the morning after breakfast 9:30 - 13:00. Lunch is between 13:00 - 14:00. After lunch there is plenty of time to go back to the workshop studio and create or relax or do something else.

Accomodation in this listing:

With your own tent, we have 4/5 tent spots at this moment and camping on our site with your tent is free of charge and can be booked individual. If you come with more then one person in the same tent please let us know in the description when you order. Then we know for sure how many spots we have left :)