week 27 - (29 juni - 6 juli 2024) - Advanced Thower or Nerikomi - Caravan Nr.1

vanaf € 900,00

incl. btw, excl. levering


Week 27 - (29 juni - 6 juli 2024)- Advanced Thower or Nerikomi.

It can happen you book this caravan for 2 and 1 is a thrower and the other would like to Nerikomi, no problem just tell us in the description when you buy the accomodation and courses.

This Clay Week - is for the advanced thrower or Nerikomi handbuilder. You find more details on the week page.

Accomodation in this listing:

In Caravan Nr. 1

€150,00 for 1 person and €180,00 for 2 persons

(one little bed - please keep this in mind).

This caravan has a 120x200 new matras, is clean and good for a very retro camping experience. 48 years old and a cosy place to sleep. It has a small seat and table, space for clothes and some stuff, has electricity and wifi.....

You can use our buanderie for your washing (only cold water). Also here is the toilet you can use at night. For your shower we have a shower cabinet, toilet and a sink/mirror for you to use in the house on the ground floor. And the covered outside bistro and chill room you can also use....

We have two caravans fully equipped for a comfortable night (no bathroom or toilet). Big enough for 2 persons. The caravans are on a sweet spot on our property with a lovely vibe with lights by night...

The property provides 3 toilets and 2 bathrooms (showers). These are located inside the house and next to the house and near the studio and campsite.

*clean sheets and towels can be provided separately.

Do you have any questions please let us know!