week 28/29 - (8 - 12 juli 2024) - Advanced Thrower or Colored porcelain/Jewelry - Room in the house.

vanaf € 700,00

incl. btw, excl. levering


week 28/29 - (8 juli - 12 juli 2024) - Advanced Thrower or Porcelain jewelry making - in the guest room in the house.

This Clay Holiday - is for the advanced thrower or persons that love to work small and make porcelain jewelry. More details on the week page.

Accomodation in this listing:

A lovely room in the house that looks out on the back garden.

For 4nights, use of a lovely bathroom on the same floor

€200,00 for 1 person and €240,00 for 2 persons.

This room is on the first floor and at the end of the hall. In the same hall you will have a toilet and bathroom.

The room will have the beds needed. This can be a double bed or one or two single beds. Also a little seat and wall cabinets for your clothes and such..

*clean sheets and towels can be provided separately.

Do you have any questions please let us know!