week 35 - (August 31 - Sept 6 2024) - Interm/adv Thrower or Cooking and oven dishes/pots - with tent

vanaf € 750,00

incl. btw, excl. levering


week 35 - (August 31 - Sept 6 2024) - Intermediate and advanced Thrower or Cooking pots and oven dishes - in the guest room in the house.

This Clay Holiday - is for the intemediate and advanced thrower or persons who love to bake and cook because in our handbuilding session it is all about making cooking pots and oven dishes...

Accomodation in this listing:

With your own tent - No extra costs.

You can use our buanderie for your washing (only cold water). Also here is the toilet you can use at night. For your shower we have a shower cabinet, toilet and a sink/mirror for you to use in the house on the ground floor. And the covered outside bistro and chill room you can use....

The €50,00 you pay extra for the special clay and clay slibs (engobes)

We have 4/5 tent spots at this moment and camping on our site with your tent is free of charge and can be booked individual. If you come with more then one person in the same tent please let us know in the description when you order. Then we know for sure how many spots we have left :)

Do you have any questions please let us know!