creatieve vakanties 2024 frankrijk, picardie

Below we will share some impression pictures and videos of 2023 - What a fun we had. Many things to learn, share and we have loved every moment. Good food, good company all in our beautifull French bubble... We will be active in our Utrecht studio the coming months teaching our courses - September/October is sold out but our January/February season is already available online..... See you later :)

Ohhhhh yes you found the page all about our lovely creative holidays in France :)

We offer weekends, midweeks & whole weeks in pottery, throwing, handbuilding and a lot of different ceramic technics. 2023 was our first year that we are offering these holidays. In the future we also will be working on other lovely disciplines like yoga, cob building and more. If you do a craft and would like to teach it at "Le Noyer Noir" - don't hesitate to get in contact with us about it :)

We also have a pottery and ceramic studio in Utrecht. Would you love to join a course there just check out here.

If you are a teacher and would love to come with a group please let us know - we can accomediate your classes in 2024 in our french studio :)

Also read this page first before purchase of any holiday please, thank you :)

The pictures can be clicked on for a better and larger view...


Creative France weeks