Here we will share some of the adventures of creating the France Studio Noot + Swart...

There are a lot of chores to do all obver the place - Consists of a court, a house, a studio, a garden and some Outbuildings made of cob and wood in all kind of conditions. Juli 2022 is the first time we are starting with cleaning and looking around what the chores will be. Under this page in the navigation, you will find a dropdown for now in months, so if you like you can see our progressions in this big project.

This is a spot in the summer were to write some blogs for you and hope you like it...


July 23 - 2022

We have a dog and her name is "Vink" and she loves her frisbee, cuddles and walks. The lovely thing about walking in France and our little village is that you can pick flowers, wild flowers and foliage....As an ceramic artist who loves vase that is a very delightful thing, combine the pleasant withj the beauty!


Ohhhh la la it was a big one and we prepared it on the BBQ.

Ralph cleaned it, made some cuts and filled those cuts with lemeon and herbs....yum! - Because it was a big one it went on the BBQ for at least 20 minutes (on a hot bbq). After it had cooled down a bit we enjoyed this Dorade with a fresh salade.


In our village "Heucourt- Croquoisant" there are rose everywere. At the patanque - jeu de boules spot when you walk along the streets everywere there are thos bushes of pink and red small roses and again bring them home to make little arrangements :)

First little movie of our new spot in France...

Walking to the orchard and the vegie garden to be. In incredible heat of 38 degrees C.

And back inside again to meet up with Ralph, busy making the feel and vibe in the France house ours :)

Flower suprises

There is a lot buzzing around in the garden and secret spots all over the piece of land. All kind of bees and lovely other insects. In the evenings when we walk our evening walk with Vink we see also bigger animales like rabbits and foxes...

This is one of the prickly flowers a wanted to grow and yes we discovered the plant and lots of life in our own garden :)

Suprises + discoveries around the house

Like one part of the living room floor and Vink is showing it here in her funny "i fit in a square" position. These tiles are really nice and some day we also will discover a bit more about the background and were they come from. The other part has some fish garb (vissengraat) wood panels.

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