In the weeks to come we will fill this page with our creative holidays in France {Heucourt-Croquoison}. Starting somewere from 1/2 June untill 1/2 September 2024.

If you would like to book as a group please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to accommodate this and for now all dates are open to choose :)

A holiday for the persons who would like to get there hands dirty and there mind calm :) - In this ceramic holiday we welcome beginners, intermediate and advanced people in clay. Offering handbuilding and throwing. {Already available to buy}

(Not availanle anymore this holiday: Guestroom + Caravan Nr.1)

2024pottenbakken in frankrijk picardie

A holiday for the intermediate & advanced throwers and handbuilders. Problably you had a few courses and know a bit about the cycles of the making. Fresh state of clay, leatherhard, when to wrap, when to trim or finetune. Want to exercize a special goal we can help you with.... {Already available to buy}

nerikomi week in frankrijk

Oh yes a mix of 2 technics will be available in this week... and you have to chosse one :)

Throwing for the bit more advanced people and wanted to go in depth with a special technic. Throwing series, throwing bigger, alter thrown shapes or a special request, who knows :)

And NERIKOMI the lovely japonese pattern styled ceramics in handbuilding. Both technics have 4/5 spots available {Will be available online soon} {Already available to buy}

sieraden van porselein en gekleurd porselein cursus in frankrijk

Again a special holiday with a choice, you can go for the advanced throwing sessions or learn all about making colored porcelain and making jewelry.

All about the details of this holiday you will find on the page.

{All accomodations are available and can be booked}

{Available soon}

No creative holidays this week but you can book our accomodations with breakfast in this week to drive to the activities in Paris or when you live there and you want to escape to the country side.... {Available soon}

{Available soon}

{Available soon}

kookpotten klei workshop in Frankrijk nootenzo le noyer noir

Do you love cooking? - We do and love to do so in ceramics.

In this creative holiday we offer 2 technics, throwing for the intermediate and advanced throwers and in the handbuild classes we provide everything for making cooking vessels. With special heat and termoschock tolerant clay. Tagine, oven dishes and other cookwares can be made...

{All accomodations are available and can be booked}

- guestroom in the house is already booked

Creative Holidays 2024