Welcome to the accommodation besides on our terrain - (the tent spots, camper spot, caravans and a room in our house). The Gites and Chambre D'hote in the neighbourhood. Every collage is an link to more information about the accomodation we offer in collaboration with some great people and places.

Maison Sjarlot

What a lovely maison this is, next to the castle of Heucourt that is run by Sjarlot and Vera. They rent this lovely chateau to groups so if you ever want a group building place this is the place to be. This lovely maison has a few options and is very nearby, just a 2/3 minute walk from our studio in the same village.

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Chambre D'Hote Frettecuisse

A Chambre D'hote is a guestroom in a nearby village "Frettecuisse" - An 8 minute drive by car or a 22 minutes bicycle ride to our studio home. More options are possible here you will see more about the guestrooms and below we will show there Gite options.

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Accomodation in France