zons ondergang keramiek vakantie

Heucourt-Croquoison, departement Somme (regio Hauts-de-France) 115 habitants (2009). Arrondissement Amiens.

A few pictures to get a impression of were we are in France, we love it here. Friendly people, flowers and green, space and soon a lovely place to get creative with clay and more :)

This was at the start of clearing, months ago in the summer of 2022. This is the outside dependance/outbuilding were breakfast, lunch, diner wil be served in the creative holidays.

This is a part of the terrain, in the back here will be the tents.

The red brick part you see is the stairway that goes to the first floor of the house or the big cellar downstairs. This picture is made in November 2022 and the grass is not mowed for a while. That is good for the grounds after the very dry summer we had.... This december and January 2023 we will be doing chores, DIY and renovations for a few weeks. All to get ready for the creative summer holidays that will start week 26/27 2023 :)

Here we atre walking with our beloved dog "Vink" the right wall is our french studio, picture is made somewere in september 2022 on a sunny day :) - It is such a ;ovely village, friendly people, flowers and green everywere and behind our garden a spot to play a game of p├ętanque....

Our French Location