Yes!! - A Clay Weekend!

Welcome in week 32 of 2024 - {8 august-11 august} - A holiday weekend with lots of ceramics, good food and fun!! - Specially for the persons that can only take a short break due to busy lives :)

This week is for the (beginner) intermidiate & advanced thrower or handbuilder.

Throwing :

Beginner - A great way to get aquanted with pottery, we will get to the important basics, centre, pulling up and give the basic important shape "the cilinder" some curves :) Pottery is a difficult craft, more difficult Instagram shows you, so be patient with yourself, play and relax in this lovely weekend!!

Intermediate - So you have likely followed a few throwing courses, you can centre 400grams/kilo and can slightly pull up your clay than this week is for you :) This weekend we will go in depth of the basics and like the throwing days go by we will learn new technics and can practice a style, object and have fun learning. Or just make those all important throwing hours and let it get to a muscle memory in a nice and relax setting.

Advanced - You want to practice a special technic, throw bigger with less clay, in need of a plan, etc. Suus & Ralph are here to guide you in all doable projects. After throwing we ofcourse are going to be trimming and finish your creations ready for some decorating and the biscuit (first fire).

Handbuilding : You are welcome with no or a bit or a lot of experience We are going to do some basic technics like pinching , coiling a little vase and work with slabs making mugs and bowls. Every week we have a special theme that we will show and explain. If you are familiar with handbuilding you can do projects on your own with guidance from us. We also have soooooo many great ideas and tools to get you inspired again when you are a bit in lack of inspiration.

The lessons in this weekend:

In the morning after breakfast 9:30 - 12:30 and 14:00-16:00. Lunch is between 13:00 - 14:00 . After lunch there is plenty of time to go back to the workshop studio and create or relax or do something else. We have put some inspiration pictures like nesting bowls, throwing in series and other in depth throwing technics.

Type Accomodaties for the stay ans 6 nights:

Can be booked here right away online:

- Tent spots 4 - (4-10 personen totaal) - (free of charge)

- Caravan - for now a booking for 1 or 2 persons - €75,00-€90,00 per caravan.

- Room in the main house - (1-2 personen). (€135,00 - 1 or €165,00 for 2 persons)

These accomodations can be booked after a consultation

- Dormitory (slaapzaal) in the main house - (2-5 personen). (€180,00 - for the space)

- Chambre D'Hote - nearby village - An 8 minute drive by car or a 22 minutes bicycle ride to our studio home... If you are interested we have to inform for the Chambre D'Hote.

Please contact us for these bookings!

Booking a spot:

Scroll below to make your booking for this week, you can choose your accomodation of choice and you can book as an individual or book for more persons.

The program of this weekend:

Thursday August 8 - You arrive after 17:00, you get settled in your booked accomodation and we serve a delightful diner at 19:00 -

Friday August 9 - After breakfast we will get in action in our lovely studio untill lunch. After lunch we will get in the studio again untill diner if you like. Lessons will be from 9:30-12:30 and 14:00-16:00. On this day we will handbuild, throw and make our creations.

Saturday August 10 - After breakfast we will get in action in our lovely studio untill lunch. After lunch we will get in the studio again untill diner if you like. Lessons will be 9:30-12:30 and14:00-16:00. On this day we will finish, trim and decorate the pieces we made.

Sunday August 11 - After breakfast we will say goodbye and everybody goes home - (or travel elsewere).

Clay Weekend - 8 August - 11 August 2024 - (week32)